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Who we are? And what we do?

We are a family business operating in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

We run a small but prosperous business which we have built on experience, professionalism, precision and quality. We are not supported by a staff of specialists, rather by the combination of skills and experience of several enthusiasts of tiling. We managed to create a team for which nothing is impossible. 

Tiles are an extremely versatile material that can be used both inside and around the building. We lay tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. We do our best to ensure that tiles installed by us perform their function for many years.

We are not afraid of any challenges. We operate quickly, efficiently and reliably. We are able to meet the highest expectations and create projects that meet the sophisticated taste of our customers, which is confirmed by our customers’ testimonials.

How to start cooperation?

By e-mail – ok, by phone – great. Contact us to discuss the terms of cooperation. 

We realize that your home or apartment is one of the biggest expenses in your life, so you need to plan it well and the more questions, the better the plan later. We will answer your questions, analyze the scope of work in terms of the available budget and the expected effect, and finally make a valuation.

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Are you looking for a reliable company that offers comprehensive tiling services? Please contact our team for detailed information or to ask for an individual quote. Let’s change the look of your interiors, together!

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Range of Our Services:

Atlanta, Marietta, Riverdale, GA, USA