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New Functional Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

Tiles are an ideal solution for every bathroom. Thanks to waterproofness and durability, they serve for many years, even in daily contact with high temperatures and steam.

We install all types of tiles in bathrooms of different sizes. We dismantle old floors and wall coverings, professionally prepare the surface and deal with the professional installation of new tiles.

Do you want to see the results of our work? Click on the photo and find inspiration for a makeover of your bathroom.

William's bathroom remodeling

Atlanta, GA
September 2023

Another Photos from Bathroom Remodeling

Designer Comfortable Shower

Custom Shower Tile Installation

Select the matched materials and change the face of the shower. By using our services, you can fully adapt the shower to your needs.

Fashionable designs, bold colors, or individually selected shower dimensions? We will dismantle old tiles, protect the surface against moisture and professionally install new tiles.

Are you curious about what our previous projects look like? Click on the graphics and see how solid and aesthetic our works are.

Jane's shower got a makeover

Atlanta, GA
June 2023

Charlie's shower remodeling

Atlanta, GA
July 2023

Another Photos from Custom Shower Tile Installation

Modern & Safe Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

Want to customize your kitchen? Are you tired of stains and worrying about spilling water on the floor?

The new tiles will allow you to freely use the kitchen. With them, you do not have to worry about mold, flooding or difficult to remove dirt. We are here to make a solid, aesthetic kitchen for you, which will stay with you for a long time.

Are you interested in the results of our work? Click on the graphics and see more inspiring photos.

Richard's kitchen remodeling

Marietta, GA
April 2022

Another Photos from Kitchen Remodeling​

Stain-free Kitchen Wall

Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Sometimes a small detail is enough to make the kitchen look interesting. Kitchen Tile Backsplashes is one of our services, which, apart from aesthetic reasons, brings with it an improvement in the comfort of everyday life.

Tiles in a fancy shape are usually placed between the furniture, behind the sink or behind the stove. Thanks to this, the kitchen not only gets a fresh look, but also the wall becomes resistant to damage and dirt. We offer a comprehensive service with the preparation and leveling of the surface and the accurate installation of new tiles. Trust our professional experience.

If you want to get inspired and see how we work, click on the graphics.

Linda's kitchen tile backsplashes

Riverdale, GA
December 2022

Another Photos from Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

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