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Custom shower tile installation

Archway Dr, Atlanta, GA


Our job

The client who came to us wanted to get rid of the existing tiles and create a modern version of a functional shower.

We went to inspect the building situated in a picturesque part of Atlanta. It revealed that the job concerned a room with an area of 28 sq. yard.


The main goal for the client was to have a fashionable but non-slip surface that would make the shower user friendly for both children and the elderly.

The implementation took us 8 days. The first day, we dismantled old tiles. Next, we prepared the ground. The next days, when the concrete hardened, we set to work.

We are happy to advise our customers. In this case, we did a tile project the custom shower.

Laying the new surface on the walls and floors went smoothly and proved trouble-free. The tools we used included a putty knife, a trowel, a notched trowel, buckets, mixers, a hole saw, a drill, a tile leveling system, an electric tile cutter, suction cups, tile crosses and angle trims, a grouting tool, and a rubber float for grouting.

About project

Archway Dr,
Atlanta, GA


June 2023


Tile project,
Removing old tile,


We knew that we had to make every effort to make the facility fully safe and at the same impressive.

The floor received a patterned, matte mosaic. We covered the walls with shiny bright large ceramic tiles. We have to admit that the new interior is nothing like the previous one. The patterns on the walls and the floor make a perfect match with the overall elegant and stylish appeal.


New tiles laid


Days of active work


Satisfied clients

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