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Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Winderemere Park, Riverdale, GA


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This is a story of a client from Georgia who wanted a kitchen makeover

At the same time, she wanted the kitchen wall not to get dirty while cooking. The project covered 9 and a half sq. yard and took us two days.


The client wanted to achieve the effect of classic elegance and warmth. We chose off-white ceramic backsplash tiles resembling classic tiles. We arranged the tiles in the backsplash space between the cabinets and cupboards. We laid them horizontally retaining 50% offset.

We are happy to advise our customers. In this case, we did a backsplash kitchen.

We started the work from preparing the base. It took some cleaning and priming before we could move on to planning the lay-out of small tiles. Then, we proceeded to laying the tiles. The next step was grouting. We paid attention to thorough preparation of the tiles and gaps in between before grouting. It is very important that there are no traces of glue or dirt. Tiles should be washed and vacuum cleaned. It is important that the tile grout is placed evenly and not too deep. Otherwise, it will not serve well.

About project

Winderemere Park,
Riverdale, GA


December 2022


Tile project,
Removing old tile,


As a result, our client received precisely arranged tiles that looked impressive and facilitated easy cleaning.

Complements of the backsplash tiles, she can cook with ease and enjoy the functionality of her kitchen without worrying about any damage. Also, the tiles made the interior look larger and brightened it providing lightness and coziness.


New tiles laid


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