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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a real renovation of your bathroom! The service is dedicated to people who want to change the arrangement of the room and give it a new, fresh look.


Bathroom remodeling is not only a matter of aesthetics. Laying new tiles increases daily comfort. During remodeling we attach great importance to the project which we create with the active participation of the customer. We develop a precise action plan with the customer so we can finalize customer’s expectations. The next step of remodeling is a thorough demolition of the existing tiling. We provide comprehensive services with the execution of a concrete spout prior to laying new tiles and grouting. The customer presents us with the vision of the new look of the bathroom, provides materials, and the rest is in our hands. We will be happy to make a metamorphosis of your bathroom.

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Our Work

We boast extensive experience in the tiling industry. Our work is based on accuracy, passion and understanding of customer needs. We work with all types of tiles. We have to our credit successful realizations of both porcelain and ceramic tiles. We undertake renovations of both large and small rooms. The results of work are our pride and best testify to the effectiveness of action. See photos from our projects and give yourself a chance to have the interior of your dreams.


Popular Questions

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The professional tilers will need 6 to 8 hours to lay tiles in a medium-sized bathroom. Also, time for planning the workflow and preparing the surface should be added. Additional time will also be needed for grouting and cleaning after work.

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If necessary, a tile can be placed on a tile, but a more practical solution is to first remove the old surface. If you decide to lay tile on tile, you need to ensure that the surface is perfectly even and free of contaminants.

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Much depends on the size of the bathroom. Small interiors are worth complementing with bright floor tiles in cool shades. You can break them with contrasting accessories, remembering that abundant, expressive decorations will work only in larger rooms. Dark floor tiles are an excellent solution for large bathrooms dominated by modern style.

What We Offer?

How Does Our Work Look?

We work with materials provided by the customer (tiles, grout). We have professional tools that significantly improve our work. 

We value each implementation individually. With the active participation of the customer, we create a clearly defined action plan.

The stages of our work include:

  • removing old wall and flooring,
  • disposal of generated waste,
  • appropriate preparation of the surface for further work (leveling, insulation),
  • preparation of a concrete spout,
  • installation of new tiles,
  • grouting.

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If you need help renovating your apartment, you can count on us. Call me if you are looking for experts in the field of laying tiles. The tiles are an extremely solid material that, combined with our experience and precision of implementation, will serve you for many years.

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