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Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is an ideal room to use the potential of tiles. Tiles on the floor and on the wall? What about backsplash? Why not? Whether you are creating your kitchen from scratch or want to change its current appearance, our services are perfect for you.


The use of tiles in the kitchen brings many real benefits.
You gain a durable, sturdy material that is resistant to water and cracks. You can easily keep your tiles clean, even during intensive cooking. Our creative ideas, together with the high availability of tile designs, make it easy to give your kitchen a new character.

We offer a comprehensive service, which starts with a conversation with the customer and the preparation of an individual valuation. Without any obstacles, we will dismantle the current wall and flooring, prepare the surface for a new installation and precisely install new tiles.

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We have to our credit many successful realizations. We work on materials provided by the customer. We can install all types of kitchen tiles. We know how to make the appearance of both small and large kitchens more attractive. We put the reliability of implementation and customer satisfaction first. See photos of our projects and trust our many years of experience in the industry.


Popular questions

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The kitchen floor is an extremely demanding surface, which is exposed not only to contact with water, but also to dirt and heavy use. High abrasion class tiles will work best in the kitchen. In order to keep impurities out of sight, it is worth betting on tiles with a matte finish. The models with a delicate design will be a great solution. It is worth choosing tiles with a perfectly smooth surface.

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If the tile has cracked and no unsightly, sharp splinters have formed on its surface, a bonding attempt may be made at the customer’s request. It requires a strong adhesive for ceramics and a bit of precision.

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It is important to check that the tiles have even edges and are not chipped. A good way to check the quality of the tiles is to lay them on a flat surface. If the tiles stick out or are warped, they will not hold steadily on the ground. It is also worth paying attention to the abrasion class.

What we offer?

How does our work look?

We provide comprehensive services in the field of installing tiles. We are not afraid of challenges. We are timely and reliable, and the satisfaction of previous customers is a measure of our effectiveness.

We will be happy to make any implementation for you and change the appearance of your kitchen. Our mission is to create durable, aesthetic surfaces that increase the comfort of life of our customers. Due to their durability and waterproof properties, tiles are an ideal material for kitchens.

The stages of kitchen remodeling include:

  • developing an action plan,
  • removal of old tiles,
  • profiling and preparation of the floor or wall,
  • making a concrete spout,
  • installation of new tiles with grouting.

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If you need help renovating your apartment, you can count on us. Call me if you are looking for experts in the field of laying tiles. The tiles are an extremely solid material that, combined with our experience and precision of implementation, will serve you for many years.

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