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Custom Shower Tile Installation

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Custom Shower Tile Installation

Need a remodel for your shower? Did you get bored with its current look, or did you build a new house that you finish in accordance with your unique style?


Our renovation team will perform any modernization of the shower along with the dismantling of old wall and flooring. Tiles are an ideal material for this type of room, because they exhibit high resistance to moisture. We can also easily find anti-slip tiles that will increase the comfort and safety of you and your loved ones. In addition to solving problems with moisture and mold, shower tiles will easily refresh the look of the interior, giving it a modern look.

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We have extensive experience in implementing complex projects. We are solid and timely. We put the satisfaction of our customers first. We take into account all suggestions of the customers. We work based on the highest professional standards, offering a comprehensive shower personalization service.
The scope of our services includes demolition, surface preparation, tiling, grouting and maintaining order in the workplace. See photos from our previous projects and get inspired to action.


Popular questions

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It is assumed that such realization is an expense of $3,000-11,000. The final cost of the shower remodeling depends on the prices of construction materials, the complexity of the project, or the workload necessary to achieve the expected result.

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It is possible to arrange tiles in one day. It should be borne in mind that the glue used to place the tiles requires a certain time to dry. Only after the given time, you can safely use the shower without worrying about damage to the surface.

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After the previous surface has been removed and levelled, sealing compounds called liquid film are used. This is because both concrete and cement plaster soak up water over time, which can cause tiles to fall off. Professional wall preparation is very important for the durability of implementation.

What we offer?

How does our work look?

We provide our services in accordance with the plan developed in cooperation with the customer. We have professional staff and high quality tools. Materials such as tiles and grouts are usually provided by the customer.

Why tiles? It is a waterproof, sturdy material that works perfectly during constant contact with water. The wide range of available patterns and textures gives infinite arrangement possibilities.

The shower personalization stages include:

  • getting acquainted with the customer’s vision,
  • creating an action plan,
  • removal of old tiles,
  • preparation of the surface,
  • installation of concrete leveling plates,
  • installation of new tiles,
  • grouting.

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If you need help renovating your apartment, you can count on us. Call me if you are looking for experts in the field of laying tiles. The tiles are an extremely solid material that, combined with our experience and precision of implementation, will serve you for many years.

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