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Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

The kitchen is an excellent place to fully use the potential of the tiles. The kitchen wall is exposed to various types of contaminants. How to easily avoid stains on the wall and at the same time bring a breath of freshness to the kitchen?


The solution is the service we provide – Backsplash Tile Installation. An inconspicuous strip of tiles mounted between the furniture, behind the sink, stove or in any other place on the wall can completely change the face of the kitchen and increase the users’ quality of life. Bright tiles brighten the interior and give it a cosy look. You can choose glass, porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Reasons for Backsplash Tile Installation

Our Work

We work on materials provided by the customer. We can install all types of tiles. We create projects in any shapes and dimensions. We operate quickly, accurately and effectively. We keep our deadlines. Our experience translates into the quality of implementation. See what our previous projects look like and get inspired to change the appearance of your kitchen.


Popular questions

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The highest quality tiles are those made of porcelain. Their additional advantage is the multitude of available patterns and textures.

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The prices of wall tiles vary and depend on the material they are made of. The design and size of the tiles is also important. Tiling bathroom walls costs between $7 and $25 per square foot.

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Although ceramic tiles have a slightly lower durability than their porcelain counterparts, they are still one of the most solid floor materials. In rooms with high humidity, ceramic tiles will work much better than vinyl panels or wood.

What we offer?

How does our work look?

There are many ways to incorporate backsplash into your room style. We know how to make your kitchen more functional and stylish.

Correct installation of the tiles is laborious and difficult. A task that requires so much precision is better entrusted to professionals like us. We will be happy to make a valuation of your order.

Backsplash Tile Installation steps include:

  • carrying out the valuation,
  • determining the details of cooperation,
  • preparation and leveling of the wall,
  • installation of new tiles.

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If you need help renovating your apartment, you can count on us. Call me if you are looking for experts in the field of laying tiles. The tiles are an extremely solid material that, combined with our experience and precision of implementation, will serve you for many years.

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