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Our team faced a new challenge posed by our client.

They wanted us to unlock the potential of the kitchen in a newly built house, though, they had no idea how to do it. However, they knew that they wanted to have tiles both on the floor, walls, and on the surface between the parts of furniture. We received materials in the colors that matched the style of the building as a whole. And the client left us to our own devices in terms of how to lay the tiles and finish. They also asked for help in choosing the right grout color.


We divided the work into several stages. Due to the large area of the kitchen and the variety of elements covered, the work took us five days. We started by installing tiles on the walls. Laying them between furniture required a great amount of precision. 

We are happy to advise our customers. In this case, we did a complete tile project throughout the house. The next task was to lay them.

Finally, we set about the installation of a new surface on the floor. Having completed the job, we cleaned up our tools and the whole area so that our client could enjoy a fully functional and stylish kitchen.

About project

London, Oak Street 78,
Great Britain


September 2022


Tile project,
Removing old tile,


Our experience and precision allowed us to create a modern and beautiful kitchen.

Our client gained comfortable space which was easy to keep clean. All work went smoothly. We did not encounter any obstacles. More importantly, we managed to establish excellent cooperation with the company responsible for the fitted furniture. This means the whole project was completed a few days before the date set by the investor.


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